INQUEST.US: Territorial investigations conducted by PETER FEND in collaboration with WWF:).


What was shown and proposed at White Box needs to be seen in Washington, to meet the top questions raised by the Sunday New York Times after the attack in Benghazi:
What could the US do? What did the US have in its range of options, for MORE than just deposing an autocracy and bringing in, allegedly, democracy?

The people need JOBS, they need a big vision, they need to regain a viable homeland.

This was explicitly stated:

by Iranian authorities, to Dennis Oppenheim, in 1978, for projects in relation to the UN Environmental Park, with their Army

by Iranian embassy officials in Germany, in 1985, asking foran “Islamic solution” to the Iran-Iraq war; I cited the Islamic garden
by the Algerian Ambassador to France, who, after viewing all the visuals we had on the Iran-Iraq war engineering, designed by Russians apparently using US earth-art ideas, asked what we could do to “restore the savannah to what is now Sahara,” with their Army
ARAB SPRINGS had a quote from the Koran, about how with artistry the springs could gush forth and renew the land …

We need to let the US Administration know this, as the earthworks required come from projects and proposals by:
Dennis Oppenheim
Michael Heizer
Walter De Maria
Robert Smithson
with over-arching paradigms
from Mary Beth Edelson and
Carole Schneemann
not limited to this, but as a start, indicating what the US can bring to bear in the arid parts of the world,

now, how to do this for a now-hostile public …