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Images anchored in the question, if the oil companies are going ahead with drilling in the Arctic, is there reason to protest? The legal challenges have already begun to be pre-empted.*

Instead, COMPETE. What they do costs $100/barrel in extraction alone (as The NY Times quotes). We can do something cheaper, and much more sustainable, just costing much sweat and tears, maybe some blood:

waterplant biomass industry to yield methane.

All-methane economies.

For this, begin with:

• Korea (dividing it as Scandinavia’s peninsula is divided: lengthwise)†

• Site along bird flyways (all going to the Arctic, and depending on it)
• Single out battlegrounds (areas of animal intensity: tank battles mainly)

• Retrofit advance military technology (as often occurs in human evolution)

The oil companies can soon be proven to be out-of-date. And it’s time to resolve this Korea standoff. 62 years? That’s becoming out-of-date too.

Key dates are:

1905, May 17

Norway separates from Sweden; peninsula splits lengthwise.

1905, May 27

Japan sinks most of the Russian fleet at Tsushima; effect on Korea.


Nomhomon battle:  Russia defeats Japan in Mongolia; forces Japan to turn its sights on the Western imperialist powers—in order to drill for oil & gas.


Russian-supplied North Korea tries to resolve the standoff with the Western imperialist powers


Western imperialist powers and Russia oil drilling in the Arctic (and also in Barents and Okhotsk Seas). The planet doesn’t matter anymore, does it?


Artists and scientists team up in a competition against the drillers’ actions in Black Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Korean Peninsula, Norway and Barents, and a bird-flight corridor up the Nile into St. Petersburg, and up from Somalia via Socotra and Sistan Basin, Afghanistan into Siberia.


We don’t need gold. ‡
We need the birds. §

* Shell (not even a US company) used an extremely clever legal maneuver to make injunctions or any legal protest impossible; and of course the US Government, along with that of Russia, Norway, Holland, the UK, France and Italy are all smiling.

† The current division of the Korean Peninsula brings to mind a joke I made at a Norwegian—art opening in NY a decade ago. I wondered, what if those Russian overflights and submarine incursions into Norwegian defense space prevailed, and Russia really got hold of Svalbard; then Norway could have a Russian North and “Western” South; and the people in the North could write Norwegian the same way people in Serbia write Serbo-Croatian, in Cyrillic.

‡ John Milton described oil, or “naptha,” as the false wealth of Lucifer, and pursuit of such false wealth would lead to “Pandemonium” (Book VI, Paradise Lost, 17th century).

§ I aim to have NZ scientists explain how we need the migratory birds, and what a grave threat to planetary ecology the Arctic drilling would be.

Nothing has changed in the 40 years since 1972, when Richard Nixon was re-elected president Furthermore, the competition between Russia and the West remains as fierce as ever. Witness Putin: he wants to make Russia #1.

Nothing has changed (with one notable exception: the rise of China as the imminent #1 economic power).

So the West vs. China-Russia game goes on. There are still 10,000+ US nuclear weapons and about 10,000+ Russian nuclear weapons aimed at each other. And there is more and more nuclear waste; and there is more and more extreme drilling to get oil and gas; and there is more and more climate instability; and there is more and more death of vital species, like bees. So, it must be rather frustrating to be alive in these times.

Eurasian Scenario from 1994, the most ridiculed show of my career, now reborn. The intended graphic, not allowed, was of bird flyways through Korea and through Norway, all converging on the Arctic. The term has historical connotations.



We can fast-forward to the free-trade agreement between Russia and NZ as was implied in my remarks about Russia during a 2008 show in Wellington.

Yulia first learned of Ocean Earth from a Mute Magazine Article of 2001, in which I coined the term “beyond petroleum” (BEFORE BP trade-marked it). The article led to a followup article on Ocean Earth in the magazine of the US Natural Resources Defense Council.

The message must be that, as is evident with the giant Exxon-Rosneft deal to start drilling in the Arctic (never mind what the BBC says about polar bears, with Lennon lyrics), no significant reduction in global warming, desertfication, overpopulation, species loss, river damming, etc. has occurred, at all, and this is DIRECTLY attributable to blockage of, and the not taking seriously of, art.