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As you know (depending on what your press sources are) there’s been a bit of a tussle between Russia and Germany for protective custody, and medical treatment, of the Sleeping Beauty of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko. I thought Germany did not have any heroes available for her rescue. Unlike Russia, which has Putin. Or maybe Medvedev. Putin made a noble offer of rescue, offering to host her, but the cruel knights in Ukraine said No. As for heroes from Germany who can rescue Tymoshenko?

I mean, how can Angela Merkel rescue a beautiful damsel in distress? Or Guido, or who is foreign minister now? Not exactly a knight. Or Gauck? (That guy Guttenberg could have been perfect, but then he had a flaw.)

But I see that the Sleeping Beauty’s daughter came to the castle in Berlin, most notably the Charite hospital tower (happily no longer next to the barbed wire and watchtowers of the Wall) and they found a female doctor to do the job. But that’s only the beginning.

Now, here’s a chance to be a hero.

As it turns out, the long-nurtured view that Ukraine should have two parts, one for the Gulf of Odessa, and one for the Sea of Azov, with or without the Upper Don (depending on salinity in the Black and Caspian Seas), aligns with the giant Operation Zitadelle of 1943, being the tank battles along an axis from Orel to Kursk to Kharkov and aligns with the biggest battle of English-Empire troops with Russia, at Sevastopol, with an eastern margin for the entire catchment which was once labeled Ostmark and, well, could have stopped just short of Stalingrad—to save many lives such that we see the high-points of confrontation still ablaze, and such that one can continue with the story of Sleeping Beauty’s incarceration in Kharkov, and the complete collapse of credibility of Ukraine in Europe, Eastern Europe and the world, not least in its investibles, so that one says, okay, we divide the Ukraine in its two hydrometric areas, and we proceed gloriously into a post-fossil world, producing bio-gas from waterplants in the giant reservoirs and in the Sea of Azov and in the Gulf of Odessa, both out to the southernmost point of the Crimea, very romantic, while the big bad boys try to ruin the planet by drilling for gas and oil up north, in the Arctic (the NYTimes had an op-ed on how they would destory the planet) leaving the Sleeping Beauty, after awakening from her hunger fast, and after receiving much-needed help from a female doctor from Berlin, open to a business proposition with an image of the two parts of the Ukraine now sitting in a drawer at the Galerie Christian Nagel.

When I tried to show this in London  in 1994, it was physically removed from the wall. And destroyed. When I tried to show it in Manchester in 2004, at Cornerhouse, it was again removed, physically, from the wall. But it was not destroyed. It was saved. And it was shown for the first time ever at Galerie Christian Nagel, in a show addressed to the then US Secretary of State called “Parallele Projekte” and it was published, for the only time ever, in Kunstforum, their Klimawandel issue.

Recently, in Art in America, this image was again removed from view. A photo was shown with the review, but the photo was cut in half, and the half with this proposal for the Ukraine was removed. It could have been a mistake. I think more likely it was a Western view that anything about the East may not be shown. This happened also in 1999. Someone from the government came in and said that nothing could indicate that the areas shown and mapped were in Yugoslavia.

But that goes along with the press coverage on Tymoshenko. The Western press repeatedly discusses how the Western countries tried to rescue or help the Sleeping Beauty, but only once was anything said of attempts by the Handsome Prince from Russia, from the East, with that name like Rasputin but shorter: Putin.

I’d like to use this image as evidence that art has a message and that art can save her country by making it be divided into two Urinals after the Marchand de Sel (Marcel Duchamp) so that she can awaken to a new day created by the ideas of artists in our time making piece in our time and not more wars.

Can the piece become a gift to the Sleeping Beauty along with my letter of July 1999 to the Government of the Ukraine, which smashed certain attempts to sell them nuclear-reactor technology.

Your fellow American,
Peter Fend


The new work is on 120 x 90 cm paper, surrounded by copies of the very-effective 1999 letter to the Ukraine, the  OEDC news articles in the London Times and elsewhere, and news articles on Tymoshenko now, in view of the initiative by Vladimir Putin to come to Tymoshenko’s rescue, providing that she recover in Moscow, is to up the ante.


Image shows Stalingrad, Orel, Kursk, Kharkov,Smolensk and Sevastopol battlefields and rationale for a Catholic-Orthodox split, with respective hydrology; the tug of war now is between Germany and Russia for “saving” Tymoshenko with remark that all technologies are developed by Ocean Earth.


A reference to the German-media phrase, “her body is the battleground” which takes us well beyond Marina Abramovic.

Part of any sale receipt goes to making a dossier for the Russian, Ukrainian press and politicos. There is a price for saving the “sleeping beauty”: renewable methane industry, instead of fossil. Unfortunately for Germany, they have no “knight.” They only have Angela Merkel. Their President, Mr. Gauck, is too fuddy. But Russia has several “knights” who could dramatically come to the rescue.

The work is a cornerstone of what could evolve as BIS DER GRENZE, or


To the right, it’s noted that attempts to exhibit or publish this same idea were PHYSICALLY BLOCKED, by physical removal of works from the wall, in free-world outlets like: Marc Jancou Gallery, London 1994; Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, 2004; and Art in America (deletion from image), 2012.

The work has been exhibited and published only in Germany… until now, at (thank you, Dennis Oppenheim, for describing this fate): Peanut Underground—certainly not Frieze.

The timetable is URGENT: Tymoshenko could die soon, and that would shatter all manner of global political order. The coincidence of critical battlefield, or “decision sites”, with the hydrology of this part of the Black Sea is very helpful. As you might know, the whole battle for legitimacy of Tymoshenko has been over the price paid by the Ukraine for methane gas (natural gas) from Russia.

Peter Fend
Ocean Earth


und nicht weiter

To the edge, and no farther. To paraphrase Goethe: genius is knowing where to stop. A series of works prompted by current events. Revelation of where the soldiers went too far, and if they had just stopped a few km short of where they went (and died), evolution could have gone forward and we would have reached harmony with nature—the other species.

Dien Bien Phu
the final campaigns before Appomatox
Teutoberger Wald
Bardai, Chad
trench line of WW I
current use of Persepolis in Iran

This is prompted by my current piece at Peanut Underground splitting the Ukraine in half, right along the rift of huge East-West battles (1943, 1855, 1814, 1942).


More than…


More proof that the art world, in its extreme conservatism, has become blind. This was my offering to Tymoshenko.

I thought she was sexy, and I said so, and I thought she needed support in her battle with Putin.  But the conservatives here in the West want none of that (as if my sexual feelings are illegitimate), and they only want to show already encrusted ideas. Now Tymoshenko is on a hunger strike.

Any effort to show my plan for the Ukraine for self-reliance in methane energy (the fuel over which she is imprisoned) has been time and again LEFT OUT of the public discourse. Or even an article in Art in America.

I don’t think this is due to “conspiracy.” I think it’s due to blindness.

As we can see from the review, much was written on the basis of what was heard or read, and not what was on VISUAL DISPLAY. Not one word was uttered, for example, about the physical proposals being made.  As if physical proposals are not allowed for consideration.

What do I have to do now? Showing inside the art world is like showing inside a coffin.

Once again art misses the train of history, and bogs itself down in a trivial pursuit called “art history.”

If Tymoshenko dies, we can blame the art world, not the government in the Ukraine.



Angry about impotence…

What’s the difference between Randall’s Island (the prison island for the rich) and Rikers Island (the one for the poor)?

In 1999, as I displayed in that piece about the Ukraine, I gave a dossier to the Ukraine Government that, and you can check the diplomatic calendar about this, caused the Ukraine Government to send the German trade delegation trying to sell nuclear reactor technology back to Germany. So, I somehow communicated by going directly to the UN Mission of the Ukraine.

It’s time for a prison breakout.


A sizable challenge is needed.

It’s a challenge by renewable hydrocarbons against fossil.

The challenge can begin in places without much fossil assets, but with very large amounts of renewable-hydrocarbon assets, i.e., fermentable waterplants… this includes the Ukraine.

To start this, organize the Ukraine into its water and nutrient-accumulation districts, or hydrometric areas, then build up a biomethane industry.


The Financial Times reported that the annual conference of Eastern European countries, which was in Poland last year and was even attended by Obama, has been “postponed” because only four countries chose to go this time:  Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania.  Poland had no choice, given the European Cup being there and in Ukraine.  Moldova is a tiny neighbor blocked from the sea by an extension of Ukraine. Slovakia is a police state, very harsh. And Lithuania… dunno. In essence, none of the former Eastern Bloc countries wants to attend.  Ukraine is boycotted.

The article also says that the European Cup organizers may choose to not attend any games in the Ukraine… strange. So now, all of Europe is getting into the discussion.

No mention is made of a hunger strike, nor of any talks with leaders in either Russia or Germany.

We have in our possession a document that discredits Germany as it was, when it was exporting nuclear technology.

As for now?

One could expand the installation and turn it into an ongoing


and arrange an event with the Ukrainian community.

They must wonder, too.